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Mick Colliss is an author, writer, rugby commentator, emcee, guest speaker and modern day poet. He was also the vice captain of the first ever Australian Sudoku team and travelled to India to compete at the World Sudoku Championships.

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Mick Colliss (2nd from left) with (L-R) Hamish Sutherland, Mark Skiffington and Sandy Sutherland - the Australian Sudoku Team.

The Ultimate Test

Dear Dad

Remember the day that you took me to town
and we went to the S.C.G?
You bought me a flag and we stood on the hill
and I sat on your shoulders to see.
And remember my words when the game reached its end
how I said what I wanted to do?
I said “That was great, dad, and when I grow up,
I’ll play for Australia, too.”

Well here I am dad, I’ve stayed true to my word
but it’s not how I hoped it would be.
The crowds have all gone and the ground is a mess
and there’s nobody cheering for me.
I’m hungry and cold but I’m starting to sweat
mere words can’t describe how I feel.
I’m not in a jersey, I’m not wearing shorts
and my first cap is made out of steel.

My gut’s in a knot and I almost feel sick
I’ve gone two whole days without sleep.
My feet are quite damp for we walked ‘most the night
through mud that was six inches deep.
I’m nervous as hell and I can’t settle down
I keep wondering how well I’ll do,
but I guess that’s just normal and how it should be
on the eve of my national debut.

The waiting’s the worst thing, we just sit around.
What happens is out of our hands.
We all feel like pawns in a big game of chess
Swapping lives for a small stretch of land.
So many have fallen, it seems such a waste
To say it’s a lark is a lie.
I’ll do what I’m told and I’ll keep my head down
And I’ll pray that the Lord’s on my side.

Well dad, I must go for we’re ready to start
it seems we’ve been given the word.
The silence is eerie, the boys are all quiet
our heartbeat’s the only sound heard.
We’ll stick with each other, we’ll fight till we drop
we’ll each give far more than our best.
Tell mum I am happy, I ask for no more
for this is the ultimate test.

Your son.


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