Books Published

Mick Colliss has published five books.

Australia's Toughest Sportspeople (Affirm Press).

Intimate interviews with 12 athletes who epitomise the grit, courage and determination of Australian sport. Featuring Rick McCosker, Alisa Camplin, Dean Jones, John Sattler, Anna Meares, Robert DiPierdomenico, Steven Bradbury, Dermott Brereton, Nathan Charles, Haydn Bunton Jr, Curtis McGrath and Gillian Rolton.

Full-Contact Sudoku  (HarperCollins - ABC Books).

How four rugby mates finally achieve their dream of playing for Australia. (HarperCollins) This laugh out loud true story follows the adventure of four mates who pick themselves in the Australian Sudoku Team and travel to India to represent their country at the World Sudoku Championships.

What Rhymes with George? 

Sports and corporate poetry. Mick's third book of poetry features poems written about sport, athletes and events that have captured the world's attention.

What Rhymes with Jakovich?

A collection of sporting verse. Mick's first publication features poems about sport and the characters associated with rugby, AFL, cricket, horseracing and many more.  OUT OF STOCK

What Rhymes with Millsy?

The best of the 6PR Poem in an Hour challenge. Every Friday, for more than two years, Mick would turn up to radio station 6PR as part of the Breakfast Show and be given a topic. Listeners would call in and provide him with related words and Mick had an hour to go away, write a poem and then come back and recite it, finished or not. The book contains the best of these poems and includes a CD with the actual on-air recordings. To order your copy, email Mick. OUT OF STOCK